This article is about Universal Analytics properties, which will stop processing data on July 1, 2023 (October 1, 2023 for Analytics 360 properties). If you haven't already, start using a Google Analytics 4 property.

Goals for downloads

Treat file downloads as a conversion.

This article covers how to track downloads as goal conversions. To do this, you will first need to configure the download link in one of two ways:

  • as an event
  • as a virtual page or screen view

If you configure the link as a virtual page or screen view, the overall page or screen view count for your website or app will be inflated by the number of clicks on that link. For this reason, we recommend using event tracking to configure download links.

Track downloads using an event goal

To track the download link using an event goal, first set up event tracking. For details on how to set up event tracking, follow the instructions in the Developer Guide for your specific environment:

Track downloads using a virtual page or screen view destination goal

To track the download link using a destination goal, you must modify your tracking code to create a virtual page or screen view for the download link. Once you create the virtual page or screen, you can supply that as the value for the destination goal. Learn more about how to track virtual page or screen views in our Developer Guides:

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