In-depth Industry Insights

In-depth Industry Insights


In your Industry your primary goal is to acquire leads. These leads may be converted into buyers through a call center or other offline methods.


The following article describes some quick wins that have been recommended for your industry.

  • Event Tracking. This feature will allow you to track most user interaction. PDF downloads or Registration Form Errors are some examples


Setting Up Event Tracking

Anatomy of Event Tracking

Implementation Considerations

  • Measurement Protocol. You’ll be able to measure how users interact with your business from almost any environment that can connect to the web. Measure user activity in new environments, tie online to offline behavior and send data from both the client and server

Developer guide

Parameter reference guide

Protocol policy

  • Social Analytics. Social Analytics provides a consistent framework for recording social interactions. and enable GA users to compare social network interactions across multiple networks.




  • Trueview ads in GA.  Advertisers can now see the detailed effects of their TrueView campaigns on their website traffic and revenue. You can access the new report under Acquisition > Google Ads > Video Campaigns.

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