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See how traffic that downloads your app finds your marketplace page.
This article describes Analytics SDK functionality. For the most up-to-date mobile app reporting in Analytics, use the Firebase SDK. To learn more, read Get started with app analytics.

The Mobile App Sources reports help you find out how users discover your app, including what drives them to your download page in iTunes and other marketplaces.

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See app-sources data

To see app-sources data:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Navigate to your view.
  3. Open Reports.
  4. Select Acquisition > Sources > All or iTunes.

How to use the Mobile App Sources reports

You need to set up app-install tracking before you can use the Mobile App Sources reports.

There are two Sources reports: one that includes data from only from iTunes Store and one that includes data from All app marketplaces. The All report includes data from iTunes Store as well as data from any 3rd-party marketplaces.

The primary dimension in these reports is Source / Medium. These reports also display the total number of New Users, Sessions, the Average Session Duration, and the In-App Revenue total (from Ecommerce data) associated with each Source/Medium pair.

Use the links in the Explorer tab to toggle the Acquisition metrics for Users, different Goal Sets, and Ecommerce data. Note that Goals and Ecommerce require additional set up before data appears in these reports.

Notes about how data appears in these reports

A user must download, install, and launch an app for the referring source data to appear in the Sources reports. Analytics can display data about a referral source only if a user also downloads, installs, and launches the app at least once. If a user fails to take any of these actions after landing on your marketplace page from an advertising campaign or any other source, the referring source data is not included in your reports.

A marketplace must support the App Installer ID in order to be recognized by Analytics. Not all marketplaces support the App Installer ID. Traffic that comes from a marketplace that Analytics can’t identify appears in the report as (not set). Additionally, some marketplaces don’t send campaign data to Analytics. In those cases, the Source / Medium dimension will not display data.

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