[UA] Benchmarking reports

Select benchmarks and see how your property outperforms or underperforms them.

To access the Benchmarking reports, navigate to your view, select the Reporting tab, then go to Audience > Benchmarking. Choose from three reports:

  • Channels compares your channel data to the benchmarks for each channel in the Default Channel Grouping: Social, Direct, Referral, Organic Search, Paid Search, Display, Email.
  • Location compares your Country/Territory data to the benchmarks for each of the Countries/Territories from which you receive traffic.
  • Devices compares your Devices data to the benchmarks for desktop, mobile, and tablet traffic.


Compare against benchmarks

Use the selection menus (top of each report) to define the benchmark against which you want to compare your data.

  • Industry Vertical (required): Select one of over 1600 industry categories.
  • Size by daily visits: (required) Select from seven traffic size classifications. This allows you to compare your property against properties with similar traffic levels in your industry.
  • Geographic location (optional): Limit Benchmarking data to the a specific country or territory by selecting a geographic location.

The number of properties contributing to the aggregate benchmark data is shown at the top of the report.

Interpret the report

The values in the table show the percentage by which your property outperforms or underperforms the benchmark for each metric. A positive value (for example, 67.80%) indicates that your property outperforms the benchmark. A negative value (for example, -25.25%) indicates that your property underperforms the benchmark.

Two visualization toggles are available above the table:

Show/don’t show actual metric values in the table.
Show/don’t show heatmap colors in the table. The heatmap shows darker shades of green where your property significantly outperforms the benchmark and darker shades of red where your property significantly underperforms the benchmark.


The Benchmarking reports are updated every 24-48 hours.

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