Simplifying the Analytics Data Sharing Settings

A summary of Data Sharing Settings changes and how they might affect you

The data sharing settings control how you share data collected using the Analytics JavaScript tracking code, mobile SDKs, and the Measurement Protocol.

These settings only let you customize how you share the data you collect from websites, mobile apps, and other digital devices using Analytics. They do not apply to data about your Analytics account or how your account is used, like the number of properties in the account and which additional features are set up.

You can customize these settings so you can be more open or more restrictive with your data based on your own preferences.

The changes we’re making

The changes we’re making simplify the settings and the language we use to describe your options, and we hope this makes your decisions on how to customize these settings easier for you.

Sharing data with Google to improve Google Products & Services will no longer impact your ability to share your data with your own accounts in other Google products.

The settings that let you share anonymous and aggregate data with Google & others have not changed, but we’ve stated more clearly how this data is used. Anonymous and aggregate data will be used to power features that can help you understand larger data trends, including educational materials and product features that let you compare your performance within your chosen industry.

Learn about each setting and see examples of how each setting affects your data.
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