The Source Properties report

This feature is only available in Analytics 360, part of Google Marketing Platform.
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When you look at a view for a Roll-Up Property, you see aggregated data from all its Source Properties.

To compare the data for each Source Property side by side, use the Source Properties report (Audience > Roll-Up Reporting). This report lets you evaluate three sets of metrics for each of the Source Properties that supplies data for the Roll-Up Property:

Explorer tab > Summary view

In the Summary view, you see all the default Acquisition-Behavior-Conversion metrics:

  • Acquisition:
    • Sessions
    • % New Sessions
    • New Users
  • Behavior:
    • Bounce Rate
    • Pages / Session
    • Avg. Session Duration
  • Conversions (Ecommerce/Goals):
    • Transactions/Goal Conversion Rate
    • Revenue/Goal Completions
    • Ecommerce Conversion Rate/Goal Value
Explorer tab > Site Usage view

The Site Usage view focuses on engagement metrics:

  • Sessions
  • Pages / Session
  • Avg. Session Duration
  • % New Sessions
  • Bounce Rate
Explorer tab > Ecommerce view

The Ecommerce view is all about the money:

  • Sessions
  • Revenue
  • Transactions
  • Average Order Value
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • Per Session Value

The primary dimension for this report is Source Property Display Name.

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