[UA] Create Enhanced Ecommerce segments

You can create Enhanced Ecommerce segments by clicking funnel steps and abandonment arrows in the Shopping Behavior and Checkout Behavior reports, and also by selecting one of the transition options in Checkout Behavior (e.g., a payment method like Visa or MasterCard). The funnel-step names in Checkout Behavior are taken from the label names you supply in Ecommerce Settings (under Admin > View).

Keep in mind that if you create a segment and accept the default name and configuration multiple times, you then have multiple different instances of the same segment in your list. In addition to creating a potentially confusing list, you also run the risk of quickly reaching your limit on segments.

There is a limit of 1,000 segments per account and 100 segments per view.

If you apply segments of different scopes, for example, product and user, you may see discrepancies between the segments.

Segments based on funnel steps and abandonment

We’ll use the Shopping Behavior Analysis report for the following example.

In the report, click the Sessions with Product Views step to create a segment of all sessions that included viewing a product:

Enter a different name for the segment if you like, and then select the views in which you want the segment to be available.

When you’ve configured all the options, click Create Segment.

That segment is then applied to the report, and replaces any previously applied segment:

You can also click the abandonment arrow from a funnel step to create a segment of all sessions that included abandoning the shopping funnel at that step.

Segments based on funnel transitions

In the Checkout Behavior Analysis report, you can also create segments based on funnel transitions.

Simply click one of the transitions, and then select one of the available options. When you select an option, the segment-creation panel opens.

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