This article is about Universal Analytics properties, which will stop processing data on July 1, 2023 (October 1, 2023 for Analytics 360 properties). If you haven't already, start using a Google Analytics 4 property.

Access the BigQuery sample dataset

NOTE: This data set will be removed in May 2018. Please migrate to the new data set.

To help you get familiar with the Analytics 360 BigQuery Export, we have generated a small sample dataset for the imaginary website London Cycle Helmet. This data set contains a single day's worth of data from the website, including pageviews, custom dimensions, events, and ecommerce transactions.

To access the dataset:

  1. Go to
  2. If you're new to BigQuery, or you don't have a project set up yet, create a BigQuery project.
  3. Click the small arrow next to your project name.
  4. Open the menu next to your project name, and click Switch to project > Display project.
    Click this arrow to switch projects in BigQuery.
    Project-switching options
  5. In the Add Project screen, enter
    In the Project ID field, enter
    Add Project screen
  6. Click OK.

    You should now see a dataset named added to the project.
  7. Select this project from the list, and click the ga_sessions table in the project to see the schema and details.
  8. Click Query Table to run a query.

    Try a sample query like:

    SELECT SUM(totals.pageviews) as TotalPageviews
    FROM []
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