How to use the Analytics app

Select reports, apply segments, and change date ranges in the app.


Walk-through of the new Google Analytics Mobile App In this article:

Open different reporting views

Tap the menu icon on the top left to open the sidebar. Tapping on your currently selected Google Analytics view will open a screen allowing you to select any other Google Analytics view you have access to. Here, you can look at your starred views, recently accessed views, all your views, or even search through them.

Understand the data displays

In each report, data is displayed on cards. Some cards allow you to switch the metrics & dimensions in focus. When you see cards like this:

Mobile app card example


You can tap each metric to change the metric being shown on the chart.

If you would like to view that metric in a different drill down, simply swipe left or right between dimensions like this:


Swipe between cards

Within each report, you can scroll up and down to see more cards.

Tap the menu icon on the top left to open the sidebar. From here, you can select any report available in the app.

Change the date range and apply segments

From within a report, tap the bar with the date range to open the data settings panel. From here you can change the date range and apply and remove segments. Note that real-time reports do not offer date range changes or segments.

Share interesting findings

You can share any report you see to anyone by tapping the share icon on the report. Reports are shared as image files so you can share them to any image sharing option on your device (email, text, chat, etc.).

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