We use our own products

Use of Google Analytics normally requires a minimum of three parties: 1) the Google Analytics product, 2) the customer that implements Google Analytics, and 3) the visitor or user of a site, app, or other customer technology that has implemented Google Analytics. Our documentation, including the materials in our help center, YouTube channel, developer site, and any other content repositories, is written with the intention of communicating to the Google Analytics customer and to the Google Analytics customer’s audience, visitor, or user.

We use Google Analytics (including features of Universal Analytics) ourselves in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Because our use of Google Analytics doesn’t require three party involvement, some of our descriptions about the Google Analytics product might not apply. For example, Google Analytics customers are prohibited from sending personally identifiable information to Google, but this principle might not apply in some instances in which Google Analytics is used to to analyze how Google products and services are used by signed in account holders.

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