Link Google Analytics and Google Play

Link your Analytics account and Play Developer Console to get more reports.

When you link your Analytics account to the Play Developer Console, the apps you have in Google Play are automatically recognized in Google Analytics, but you must associate each app individually with an Analytics property.

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You can link Play and Analytics when you set up a property for Mobile App Analytics. You can also return to this option if you skipped it during the initial setup or would like to edit which apps are associated with a specific property.

To link Google Play apps to an existing Google Analytics property:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account. Select the Admin tab.
  2. From the dropdown menus in each column, select an ACCOUNT and a PROPERTY.
  3. Click Property Settings.
  4. Under Get Google Play Developer Console data, click the toggle button to On.
  5. Select the apps you want to see data for in this property.
    If you don’t have any apps selected, you cannot link Analytics to Google Play. At least one app must be selected for the accounts to be linked.
  6. Click Apply.

This linking can only be done by someone that has Edit permission in Google Analytics, and uses the same email address in both the Play Developer Console and in the Analytics account. Linking a Google Analytics account that’s associated with one email address with a Google Play Developer Console that’s associated with a different address is currently not supported.

If you unlink an app from your Google Analytics property, Google Play data about that app won’t be collected or be available in your reports. Additionally, the Google Play Referral Flow report is only available if your Google Play Developer Console and Google Analytics account are linked. If you unlink the only app associated with an Analytics property, these reports won’t be available.

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