IP masking

IP masking is a customization you can make to your Analytics JavaScript tracking code that changes how Analytics uses and stores the IP address of website users in your account.

By default, Analytics uses the entire IP address of website users to provide general geographic reporting. When IP masking is enabled, Analytics removes the last octet of the user's IP address prior to its use and storage. This does slightly reduce the accuracy of geographic reporting.

For more information, read about IP anonymization in Analytics, or visit our security and privacy overview.

For detailed instructions on how to set up IP masking, follow the instructions in the Developer Guide for either Universal Analytics (gtag.js), classic Analytics (ga.js), or as an EasyTracker parameter in the SDK for Android apps.

The changes you need to make to your web pages depend on which tracking code you’re using. See if you have Classic Analytics (ga.js) or Universal Analytics (gtag.js).
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