Speed Suggestions

Site Speed Suggestions are optimization tips tailored to your site. You can implement these tips to make your pages load faster.

To see the suggested optimizations for your pages:

  1. Open the Speed Suggestions report, located in the Content > Site Speed section.
  2. Click the link in the PageSpeed Suggestions column for the page you want to optimize.

    The Page Speed Insights page opens.
  3. In the left-hand navigation, click the links for the suggestions that are specific to the improvement of your page.

    The suggestions explain why they're relevant to your site, and how you can implement them.

Many web pages include dynamic content such as ads, which differ each time the page is loaded. As a result, the score and suggestions you see for your page in Google Analytics may differ slightly from what is displayed in the PageSpeed report.

If you see Help in the PageSpeed Suggestions column, this indicates that we were unable to analyze the page at the given URL, and you should try again later. If the error persists, it may be due to any of the following:

  • The hostname you have configured in the Website’s URL section of your View Settings is not a valid hostname for your website.
  • The URLs shown in the Site Speed Suggestions report are not valid URLs for your website.
  • You are tracking multiple subdomains and not using a single hostname.
  • You have set up view filters to rewrite your URLs.
  • The page requires authentication.

Learn more about the PageSpeed Tools for analysis and optimization, including techniques to implement the suggestions provided in the report.

The PageSpeed Score indicates the extent to which you can improve the load time of a page. A high score indicates less room for improvement. A low score indicates more room for improvement. The score isn't a measurement of speed, but only the extent to which the speed can be improved.

A score of 100 indicates that Analytics successfully analyzed the page, but has no recommendations for improvement. None in the score column indicates that an error occurred during analysis of the page. You can run the report again later to see whether the analysis succeeded. If all of the rows have a value of None, or if there are only a few rows of data where you would normally expect more, that can indicate a time-out issue.

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