How Google Ads Campaigns Are Displayed

Campaigns are displayed in Analytics exactly as you have them configured in Google Ads. For example, if you rename “Campaign A” to “Campaign B” in Google Ads, the name will also be changed in Analytics and all traffic will be credited to Campaign B. Campaign changes made in Google Ads after April 1, 2009 are automatically reflected in your Analytics reports.

However, if you changed a campaign in Google Ads prior to April 1, 2009, you may see multiple entries in your Analytics reports. For example, if you renamed “Campaign A” to “Campaign B” in Google Ads prior to April 1, 2009, you will see two campaigns in Analytics: one for Campaign A, with metrics based on traffic prior to the name change, and one for Campaign B, with metrics based on traffic after the name change.

Data is only available for accounts that are currently linked. All previously linked accounts that have data and no longer are linked will be aggregated into a single row titled “(not set)”. So, if you have multiple Google Ads accounts linked to one Analytics account and you unlink all but one of the Google Ads accounts, Analytics will show:

  • accurate campaign data for the linked account, and
  • (not set)” for all accounts where data exists but no active link exists.


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