About the Behavior Flow report

The Behavior Flow report visualizes the path users traveled from one Page or Event to the next. This report can help you discover what content keeps users engaged with your site. Use the view type selector at the top of the report to see user movement between Pages, Content GroupingsEvents, or both Pages and Events.

Behavior Flow view type selector image

How to use the Behavior Flow report

Nodes are points through which traffic flows. Depending on which view you've chosen, each node in this report represents one of the following:

  • a single page or collection of pages, e.g., all pages in the wearables directory. This type of node is found in either the Pages or Pages and Events view.
  • a group of pages that you've grouped together by tracking code, extraction rules, and/or rule definitions. This type of node is found if you select a view for a Content Grouping you've set up.
  • an event, e.g., a video play or download. This type of node is found in either the Events or Pages and Events view.
  • one value of the dimension by which you're filtering the visualization, e.g., Landing Page or Country/Territory. This type of node is found in the first column of either the Pages or Events view.

In this report, page nodes are green, event nodes are blue, and dimension nodes are white. Click a node to highlight or explore traffic through that node, or to see the individual pages or events that are grouped together in that node.

A connection represents the path from one node to another, and the volume of traffic along that path. Click a connection to highlight just that traffic segment through the flow.

An exit indicates where users left the flow. In Events view, exits don't necessarily indicate exits from your site; exits only show that a traffic segment didn't trigger another Event. Exits aren't currently shown in the Pages and Events view.

Analyze user engagement with the Behavior Flow report

Use the Behavior Flow report to investigate how engaged users are with your content and to identify potential content issues. The Behavior Flow can answer questions like:

  • Did users go right from product pages to checkout without any additional shopping?
  • Is there an event that is always triggered first? Does it lead users to more events or more pages?
  • Are there paths through your site that are more popular than others, and if so, are those the paths that you want users to follow?

Find the report: Behavior Flow is located under Reporting > Content.

Report requirements: You must have set up and be tracking Events before they appear in the Behavior Flow report. The more organized you are about setting up the Event tracking code, the easier it is to use the Events or Pages and Events views of the Behavior Flow report. You must also have set up Content Groupings before they appear in the report.

Next steps: For information about how to configure the report and use the different visualization options, see About Flow Reports and Using Flow Reports in the Flow Report overview section.