Act on your data.

Compare browser and OS conversion rates.

Compare your conversion rates by Browser, Operating System, Screen Resolution, Screen Colors, and other technology dimensions. If the conversion rates are lower for any technology or platform, you may have identified a design problem that, once fixed, will help you make money.


  1. Navigate to Audience > Technology > Browser & OS.

  2. Select Goal Set or Ecommerce (under the Explorer tab, upper left of report).

  3. Select the Data view (at top right of table) if not already selected.

  4. Look for low and lower than usual Conversion Rates for your individual micro goals (or the Ecommerce Conversion Rate on the Ecommerce tab).

Repeat this investigation for each of the following dimensions: Operating System, Screen Resolution, Screen Colors, Flash Version, and Java Support. (Select each of these as a primary dimension above the table.)


If conversion rates are lower than average for particular browsers or platforms, browse the site with those browsers and platforms. Pay particularly close attention to landing pages, checkout forms and any pages that users must navigate in order to convert. Correct any usability issues you find with these pages.

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