Act on your data.

Overview of Techniques

Optimize your ads and keywords. Your lower funnel keywords are those keywords that people search most often immediately before purchasing or converting. Use conversion rates and revenue metrics to guide your optimization of these keywords.

Invest in upper funnel campaigns and keywords. Upper funnel campaigns and keywords are critical to your success because they introduce customers to your products. They also provide entry points along each step of the consideration process. Identify and invest in your best upper funnel campaigns and keywords.

Correct landing page problems. Make sure that landing pages are properly paired with paid keywords. If bounce rates are high for paid keywords, it means that users didn’t find what they expected after clicking the ad.

Correct technology problems that prevent users from converting. Identify and correct technical glitches that prevent or discourage users from using your site.

Correct checkout and shopping cart problems. If the conversion steps on your site are confusing, frustrating or have bugs, you’ll lose would-be customers. Identify and improve those steps from which users leave the conversion process.

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