Mobile App Overview report

Get a summary of your app performance.
The reporting features described in this article are based on the Analytics SDKs. For the most up-to-date reporting, use the Firebase SDK instead. To learn more, read Get started with app analytics.

The App Overview report is a summary of the most salient data from all the Mobile App Analytics reports. Use this report to assess the general health of your app and to follow data trends from the key reporting areas: Acquisition, Audience, Behavior, and Conversions. The App Overview is the default report for app properties.

Customize the Overview report using the tools found in the top menu bar. To see different data in the report, change the date range or add a Segment. Share the report via email or by exporting into a different format (i.e., CSV, PDF, TSV, etc.). Hover over a point in a line graph or the map to see more details, or click the report title to jump to the full report. Any setting you change in the Overview report, like a date change or the addition of a Segment, applies to all reports until you either remove them or sign out of your Analytics account.

The App Overview report is not supported in the Dashboard. Some report summaries do not appear when you click Add to Dashboard or Shortcuts from within this report.

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