Interface Map

Find your way around the Analytics Reporting interface.

Account Controls

  1. Account Home: See a list of all of your Accounts and Properties.
  2. Admin Settings: Manage Google Analytics (create new properties, change user permissions, add integrations, etc.).
  3. Account/Property/View Selector: Quickly change Accounts (same list as in the Account Home).

Report Navigation

  4. All Reports: Includes the expandable list of all reports, a search box, and links to Dashboards, Shortcuts, and Intelligence reports.

Data Inclusion Controls

  5. Add Segments: Organize your data with Segments for a more meaningful analysis.
  6. Metric group selector: Click one to see data organized into that group.
  7. Date selector: Change the date range in the report.
  8. Primary dimension selector: Click to change the primary dimension in the report.
  9. Secondary dimension selector: Add another dimension to the report.
10. Table Filter: Search and see only those results in the data table.

Graph & Visualization Controls

11. Metric selector: Add another metric to the report.
12. Time Graph selector: Change the time-scale within the line graph (hour, day, week, month).
13. Graph selector: Change the type of graph in the report (line graphs, pie charts, motion charts, etc.).

Report Sharing & Customization

14. Report customizations: Set up Custom and Unsampled reports.
15. Saving and sharing reports: Customize a standard report, Email & export reports, Add a report to a Dashboard, Create a Shortcut.
16. Annotations: Make a note directly on the report.

Help Resources

17. User settings: Change your user settings or search the help center.
18. In-Product Help: Get help resources inside Google Analytics.