Unsampled reports (Google Analytics Premium)

Requirements, limitations, and process of getting Unsampled Reports.

When sessions exceed 500,000 in any report, the data is automatically sampled. You can adjust the sampling size to change accuracy and report load time. Premium account users also have access to some Unsampled Reports.

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Requirements and limitations

Producing Unsampled Reports requires a significant processing load and, as a result, access to this feature is limited.

If you’re having trouble finding or using Unsampled Reports, check to see if you meet the account requirement, are hitting a data limit, or are using another feature that’s incompatible with the reports:

Account requirements

Unsampled Reports are only available in Premium accounts.

Make sure you’re signed in to a Premium account, or upgrade to a Premium account to try Unsampled Reports.

Data limits

  • The number of data rows to export cannot exceed 3 million
  • The number of sessions per property cannot exceed 200 million

If you try to export more data rows into an Unsampled Report, all rows over the limit are aggregated into a single row in the report. If you exceed the session limit and try to get an Unsampled Report, an error message appears notifying you of the problem. Try requesting reports for shorter date ranges to avoid reaching this limit.

Incompatible advanced features

Unsampled data is not available in all reports or in the following advanced features:

  • The Compare to past date range in any report
  • Some AdWords, cost, and social metrics
  • Sampling automatically occurs in the Multi-Channel Funnel reports when the data includes more than 1 million conversion paths.

Unsampled data for some reports with non-standard tables and data views (such as Overview reports, pie charts, and histograms) are not supported as Standard Reports but may be available as Custom Reports. These reports are accompanied by the message: Unsampling is not available because this report is not a standard table report.

To request unsampled data for these reports, click the Customization tab, then Customize from the menu options. Either customize or save the report, and then request to download it as an an unsampled report.

Download an Unsampled Report

Unsampled data is not available in all reports. If you are in a report that supports unsampled data:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select the Reporting tab.
  3. From the Export tab in menu bar, select Unsampled Report.
  4. Name the report, and click Request Unsampled. When your request is successful, a notification appears at the top of the screen.
  5. Select the Customization tab.
  6. From left navigation menu, select Unsampled Download.
  7. Select Overview to see all the unsampled reports you’ve requested, and the availability Status of each (Pending or Completed).

After a report has completed the loading, click csv to download the report

You cannot delete an Unsampled Report once it is generated.

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