Set up (mobile apps)

Mobile App Analytics: Set up overview

Complete these two steps to track mobile apps.

Setting up Mobile App Analytics requires the Edit permission for a Google Analytics account and technical knowledge of your app development environment. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up for Google Analytics now.

Before starting the process, consult our best practices for mobile app analytics set up and create an implementation plan.

Set up a new app property in your Analytics account.

In your Google Analytics account, set up a new app property for every app you want to track. A tracking ID is automatically generated for each property. You need the ID(s) to complete the data collection set up.

Follow the instructions on how to set up a new app property.

Download the Google Analytics SDK and implement the app tracking ID.

Download the Google Analytics SDK for Android or iOS from the same account screen that provides the tracking ID. Follow either the Developer Guide for Android or Developer Guide for iOS to implement tracking via the SDK, including the tracking ID. This tracking ID collects and send usage data about your mobile app to your Analytics account.

This process requires access to your app source code and should be completed by the app developer.

Read all the implementation documentation carefully. All Mobile App Analytics reports are based on this set up. Errors in your set up can result in corrupted or incomplete data.

After you’ve completed your setup, return to the Help Center for information on using the Mobile App Analytics Reports in your Google Analytics account.