Increase ad relevance with keyword insertion

When you use keyword insertion, your ads appear differently to each person based on the search terms they use. By automatically displaying whichever keywords best match a search query, your ads appear more relevant to more searches.

Keyword insertion is an advanced Google Ads feature. Combine this feature with auto-tagging to have the Ad Content dimension appear as your headline (Recommended).


Create Segments in the Campaigns report to compare the success of your automatically inserted keywords.

  1. Navigate to Advertising > Google Ads > Campaigns.
  2. Use Segments to create two new custom segments, constructed as follows:
    • For ads with keyword insertion: Include Ad Content Containing {keyword:
    • For ads without keyword insertion: Exclude Ad Content containing {keyword:

    Note that you must include the colon (:) after keyword in each segment. Data for each advanced segment appears in the line graph and in the table.

  3. Under the Explorer tab, select an option like Site Usage or Goal Set. Different metrics appear in the table based on this selection.
  4. From above the table, select either Campaigns or Ad Groups as the primary dimension. Add a secondary dimension, like Ad Group, to give more context. Use the advanced filter on the right of the table to search for specific campaigns or ad groups.
  5. Try different views in the table, like the Comparison view, for more insight. Use the drop down menu to select and compare specific metrics.


Compare the Conversion Rate, Ecommerce Conversion Rate, and the Per Session Value of your ads that use keyword insertion to your ads that don't use keyword insertion. If your ads perform better with keyword insertion, consider using it throughout more of your ad groups.

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