[UA] Improve the performance of your landing pages

If you find a landing page with a high bounce rate, that destination URL might not match the expectation set by your ad text, or it might not have engaging content with a clear navigation path.

Evaluate and adjust your landing pages to help improve user retention, increasing the conversion opportunities on your site.


Create and apply an advanced segment to see bounce rates on your landing pages from the most important traffic sources.

  1. Navigate to Content > Site Content > Landing Pages.
  2. Create a custom segment for paid search traffic, constructed as follows:
    • Include Medium Containing CPC
    • Add 'AND' statement
    • Include Source Matching RegExp google|bing|yahoo
  3. Under the Explorer tab, keep the default metric set Site Usage selected.
  4. Use the table to investigate a specific landing page. Use the advanced filter to search for more pages. Add a secondary dimension such as Campaign or Ad Group for more insight.


Evaluate the bounce rate for each landing page individually; bounce rates can show great variation from page to page. Compare each page to its past performance, not another page, to determine progress.

To improve your landing pages:

  • Make sure the destination URL of the landing page and ad text are well matched. If your ad mentions Product A, match it to the landing page for Product A, rather than a more general or unrelated page.
  • Optimize your landing page design. Incorporate design and content elements from successful pages throughout your site. Try Google Optimize to create and test multiple versions of your site, and keep the most successful design.

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