Goal Flow

About the Goal Flow report

The Goal Flow Report visualizes the path your traffic traveled through a funnel towards a Goal. This report can help you see if users are navigating your content and completing a targeted objective as you expect them to.

The final node you see in this report represents the Goal, and the other nodes represent funnel steps. Users that travel through the funnel and exit at the Goal have completed your objective, or converted.

Use the Goal Flow Report to investigate questions like:

  • Where do users enter my funnel — at the first step, or are they jumping in somewhere in the middle?
  • Are there a lot of unexpected exits from a step in the middle of the funnel?
  • Is there a place where traffic loops back?
  • Is there one segment of traffic that acts differently than other segments? Is it converting more or less often?

If a segment of traffic behaves differently than you would like at any particular step, take a look at that content. You might find an element that doesn’t render properly or that the navigation from a user's perspective is different than you expected when you set up your funnel. After an evaluation and making any necessary corrections, revisit the Goal Flow Report in a few weeks to see if the changes you made improved the conversion rate for that specific Goal.

Find the report: Goal Flow is located under Standard Reporting > Conversions/Outcomes > Goals.

Report requirements: You must have set up Goals to use the Goal Flow Report, and you should combine Goals and Funnels for better information.

Next steps: For information about how to configure the report and use the different visualization options, see Using Flow Reports in the Flow Report overview section. For information and examples about analyzing the Goal Flow, see other articles about the Goal Flow Report.