About Flow reports

What’s a Flow Report?

A flow visualization is a graphic that a traces a route or a path, like a trail through a forest. Unlike a map, which displays possible and known routes, a flow visualization reveals the actual path as it was traveled step by step, including any detours or backtracking that happened along the way.

Flow Reports in Google Analytics illustrate the paths users take through your content, including special elements you track using Goals and Events. In a single graphic, you can see how users enter, engage, and exit your content. You can also use these reports to troubleshoot your content by finding any unexpected place users exit or loop back.

The anatomy of a Flow Report

Flow Reports appear in different sections of Google Analytics, but the graphics all use the same components:

Nodes are points through which traffic flows. A node can represent several things, including a single page or screen, a directory, an Event, or Dimension. The user count appears on each node, giving you an immediate sense of the volume of traffic flowing through that node.

Connections represent the path a segment of traffic takes from one node to another. Sometimes paths loop back or around nodes in unexpected ways, and you can see that in the connection.

Exits indicate where users left the flow.

Good uses for Flow Reports

Each Flow Report shows you specific data for that area of Google Analytics, but all reports can show you:

  • The relative volume of traffic to your site by the dimension you choose (e.g., traffic source, campaign, browser)
  • The relative volume of users in at each step (node) in the path
  • The relative volume of traffic and the rate of abandonment between steps (exits)
  • Where users backtracked along the path
  • Specific metrics for connections, nodes, and node exits when you hover over them

All Flow Reports differ slightly from each other, and some have prerequisites for use. The Goal Flow Report, for example, requires you have defined Goals in your account and is even more useful if you define Funnels for your Goals.

Read Using Flow Reports to learn how to set up and use the Flow Reports controls. Consult the individual articles and videos on each Flow Report for more detailed information.

Flow Reports cannot display data for more than 100,000 Sessions. If you have more than 100,000 Sessions in the data set, the sampled data appears in the Flow Reports. Adjust the date range to reduce the number of Sessions in the report.