Schedule your ads for optimal conversion hours

Site traffic is not equally valuable at every hour of the day. For example, users may be more inclined to purchase items in the evening or on a weekend but still visit your site in the afternoon during the weekday.

This analysis helps you decide the best times to display your ads. You may wish to increase your bids during these times.


  1. Navigate to Advertising > Google Ads > Hour of Day.
  2. Under the Explorer tab, select a Goal Set or Ecommerce. Goal Sets show conversion rates for the goals you have defined. Ecommerce shows ecommerce conversion rates, revenue, and other ecommerce metrics.
  3. Make sure Hour is selected as the primary dimension. Change the dimension to Day of the Week to find any weekday/weekend trends. For an alternative view, choose the Comparison view in the table and select a metric from the drop down menu.


If your users convert or purchase more during specific day of the week or time of day, then you could set up ad scheduling in your campaign settings, whereby you increase or decrease your bids during specific times or days.

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