This article is about Universal Analytics. If you are using the next generation of Google Analytics, refer to the Google Analytics 4 properties section of this help center.

Target your ads to profitable geographic locations

This analysis will help you identify locations (countries or regions/cities) of users with high conversion or transaction rates. You can use this information to target ads to your most profitable geographic locations.


Identify the regions/cities with higher than average performance metrics. Would it make sense for your business to target searches in these areas?

  1. Navigate to Audience > Demographics > Location.
  2. Use Segments to apply the Search Traffic Default Segment.
  3. Click the map to drill down to a relevant country/territory, such as the United States. Alternatively, use the advanced filter in the table to exclude local areas and keep an international view.
  4. In the table, change the primary dimension to either Region (e.g., state) or City.
  5. Select the Comparison view from the top right of the table. Use the drop down menu to choose a specific metric.

If you are an international business, or planning to expand internationally, you might want to identify other locations with a high number of sessions. On the Map Overlay tab, select Site Usage. In the map, select the metric Sessions from the drop down menu.

To find either high or under converting locations, choose a Goal Set or Ecommerce under the Explorer tab. Investigate the metrics for each country/territory, and click the country/territory name to investigate regions within that country/territory.


Test geo-targeted campaigns in the locations you've identified as having high conversion or transaction rates. In your campaign settings, you can change the location targeting of your ads, and in your ad groups, you can customize your ad copy to relate to users in the area. For example, if a travel company finds that users from Chicago have a higher ecommerce conversion rate, then the company can create a geo-targeted campaign for Chicago with ad text including, "Cheap tickets from Chicago." Alternatively, if another site finds that users outside of the United States are searching for and purchasing their product, they may decide to expand their search targeting internationally.

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