AdWords Search Queries

See which search queries triggered your AdWords ads.

Use the Search Queries report to see the actual search queries that resulted in a display of your AdWords ads. Insight into exactly how users are searching for your type of product or service gives you an opportunity to refine your AdWords keyword list, reach a broader audience, and display your ads more effectively.

Add Keyword as a Secondary Dimension to see which search queries matched which keywords in your account. You may see, for example, that a single keyword matched a variety of search queries, brought in a lot of users, and resulted in a lot of revenue. Good keyword choice. On the other hand, if a keyword matches only a single query string and doesn't result in much revenue, you may want to use a different keyword match type in your AdWords account; for example, if you're using an exact match with little success, you can move to a broad match.

To compare the performance of multi-word (long-tail) search queries with shorter (head) search queries, change the Primary Dimension to Query Word Count. The Query Word Count dimension uses a space as the delimiter to provide a count of the words in the search query. 

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