[UA] Google Ads Search Queries

See which search queries triggered your Google Ads ads.

Use the Search Queries report to see the actual search queries that resulted in a display of your Google Ads ads. Insight into exactly how users are searching for your type of product or service gives you an opportunity to refine your Google Ads keyword list, reach a broader audience, and display your ads more effectively.

Add Keyword as a Secondary Dimension to see which search queries matched which keywords in your account. You may see, for example, that a single keyword matched a variety of search queries, brought in a lot of users, and resulted in a lot of revenue. Good keyword choice. On the other hand, if a keyword matches only a single query string and doesn't result in much revenue, you may want to use a different keyword match type in your Google Ads account; for example, if you're using an exact match with little success, you can move to a broad match.

To compare the performance of multi-word (long-tail) search queries with shorter (head) search queries, change the Primary Dimension to Query Word Count. The Query Word Count dimension uses a space as the delimiter to provide a count of the words in the search query. 

Search query information is subject to data thresholding, which is applied to prevent anyone viewing a report from inferring the identity of individual users based on a variety of signals present in the data. When thresholding applies in the report, the row containing that data may be withheld if there aren’t enough total sessions.

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