Advertising Overview

Google Analytics offers many features and reports that can help you analyze, understand, and improve your online advertising efforts.

The AdWords reports give you post-click performance metrics for your traffic from AdWords. These reports help you see what happens after users click on your ads. You can view metrics for site usage, goal conversions, ecommerce, and revenue, like ROI (return on investment) and RPC (revenue per click).

If you’re a display advertiser, you can also take advantage of the Google Analytics Display Advertising features, like Remarketing with Google Analytics and Demographics and Interests reporting.

Remarketing with Google Analytics lets you segment your audience and deliver relevant ads for your Google Display Network campaigns based on the actions people have taken on your site.

Demographics and Interests reporting helps you understand how your audience breaks down by age, gender, and interests. You can use this information to target your ads to the specific audiences that are most likely to consume your content or purchase your products.

Read the search, display, and mobile optimization topics in this section to learn how to gain insights from your Analytics data that can help you further fine-tune your online advertising efforts.