Customising Standard Reports

You can use many of the existing standard reports as the basis for customised reports. For example, if an existing report is already configured to give you most of the statistics in which you're interested but it's missing some additional information that's critical for you, you can use that report as the basis for a new one and simply add the necessary information.

This feature is currently only available in some reports.

To customise a standard report:

  1. Open the report that you want to use as the basis for a customised report.

  2. Click CUSTOMISE above the report title.

  3. Under General Information, enter a new name for the report.

  4. Under Report Content:

    • Name: Enter a name for the tab.
    • Type: Click Explorer to create a new version of the Explorer tab. Click Flat Table to create a data table.
    • Metric Groups: (Explorer) Enter dimension names and select metrics; (Flat Table): add dimensions and metrics.
    • Dimension Drilldowns: Select the dimensions that you want to drill in to, for example: Continent, Country/Territory and City.

  5. Under Filters, select the metrics by which you want to filter.

  6. Under Profiles, add additional profiles to which the report is available.

  7. Click Save.