Overview of Content Experiments

The Content Experiments Interface

In addition to setting up experiments with the interface we provide, you can also use the new Experiments API.

Content Experiments has three main areas: the experiment-setup wizard, the list of experiments, and the individual reports for each experiment. In addition, you can also see data about your experiment in your Analytics view.

Experiment Wizard

If you have not created any experiments, when you open Content Experiments, you see the overview page for the experiment-setup wizard. To create an experiment from this page, click START EXPERIMENTING.

If you have already created other experiments, when you open Content Experiments, you see the experiments list.

To create an experiment from this page, click Create experiment.

Whether you start from the overview page or from the experiment list, the setup-wizard opens so you can complete four steps:

  1. Choose the objective of your experiment

    Select the goal for which you want to improve conversions, or the metric for which you want to improve performance, and the percentage of traffic you want to include.

  2. Identify the original and variation pages

    Enter the URLs for the original page you want to test and for up to 10 variations of that page.

  3. Add the experiment code to your original page

    While much of an experiment uses your Analytics tracking code, you need to add the experiment code to one page. If you’re not comfortable working with page code and you have someone who can help you, Content Experiments can send an email to request help from that person.

    When you click Next Step, Experiments checks to make sure your original and variation pages are working properly.
  4. Review and launch your experiment
    At this point, review your configuration, then start your experiment.

Content Experiments automatically saves all the information you enter during setup so you can stop and resume at any point. To resume setting up an experiment, open the list and click the experiment name.

Experiment list

After you create your first experiment, the experiment list is the first page you see when you open Content Experiments, and provides a quick overview of all your experiments.

Open the experiment list to see:

  • Important notifications about your experiments
  • Which experiments are running
  • Whether an experiment produced a winning page
  • What date the experiment started
  • What date the experiment ended

You can create new experiments from this page, as well as search your existing experiments.

Experiment report

When you click an experiment in the list, a detailed report for that experiment opens.

Information in the report includes:

  • The status of your experiment
  • How the pages in your experiment are performing
  • Whether a particular page is clearly outperforming the rest

You can also take actions on experiments, including:

  • Stopping an experiment
  • Changing the percentage of your site’s users who see the experiment
  • Changing who gets notified by email about changes to an experiment
  • Disabling a particular page


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