Add a Report to Your Dashboard

To add a report to your dashboard:

  1. Click ADD TO DASHBOARD above the report title.

  2. Select a dashboard from the menu, or create a new one.

  3. Select the checkboxes for the dashboard widgets that you want to include (e.g. table, pie chart, timeline). You can edit the widget names.

  4. Click Add to Dashboard.

    Your new widget opens on the dashboard that you selected.

Metric filters and secondary dimensions applied to tables are not supported. If you are adding a report with a metric filter or secondary dimension applied to the table, then you are given the option to add the table without the filter or secondary dimension.

Dashboards widgets support only the data view for report tables. If you are adding a report that uses another view of the table (e.g. percentage or performance), then you are given the option to add the data view of the table.

Dashboards widgets display only the first two metric columns from your reports.