Traffic, Conversions, and resource analysis in the Goal Flow

You can easily see the origins of the traffic that completes goals. Just set up the visualization by Campaign, Country, Browser, or any of the other available dimensions.

In the example below, the visualization is set up to use the Source dimension. In the first column of nodes, you can quickly see the relative amounts of traffic from the top five sources, including direct traffic.

In this example, the Google domain (including cpc and ppc) sent the most traffic. To see whether it is also delivered the most goal completions, click the connection between google and Home Page.

Traffic from that source through your goal path and to your goal is highlighted. In addition, the goal node lists the relative numbers of goal completions. In this case, of the 5.85K views of the goal page, 1.32K came from Google.

To compare those numbers to the ones from other sources, simply click the connection between the source and Home Page. In this example, the connection between (the Google search engine) and Home Page is highlighted.

From the highlighted connections, you can see that the search engine (organic search) delivered fewer goal completions than did the overall Google domain. When you check the numbers in the goal node, you see that delivered 232 out of 5.85K goal completions, or about 18% of what the overall Google domain delivered.

You can also see the relative conversion rate per source in the last column of the data table, which has data for your goal node.

You can make similar comparisons by any of the other dimensions, and allocate resources accordingly.

For example, if you use Campaign as the dimension, you can see which campaigns are delivering the best results, and which ones you can either improve or retire. If you use Country, you can see the geographic origins of your traffic, and decide where it is most prudent to invest your advertising dollars.

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