[GA4] Customize metrics in details reports

You can add or remove the metrics that appear in the table header of a detail report. You can add up to 12 metrics to a detail report.

ou can also set the metric that's used to sort the entire table in the detail report by default.

Before you begin

You must be an editor or administrator to customize the metrics in a detail report.


  1. When viewing a detail report, click Customize report in the top right. If you do not see the option, you don't have permission to customize the detail report.
  2. Under the 'REPORT DATA' header, select Metrics. If you see a 'CARDS' header on the right instead of a 'REPORT DATA' header, you are looking at an overview report, not a detail report. Make sure you are viewing a detail report.
  3. Under the 'PRIMARY DIMENSIONS' header, you can manage the metrics in the table header.
    • Click Add metric to add a metric. You can enter the name of a metric or scroll through the drop-down to select a metric. You may need to scroll down the 'Metrics' dialog on the right to see the Add metric drop-down.
    • Drag metrics Drag indicator in the list to reorder the metrics in the table header.
    • Click Remove to remove a metric from the table header.
    • Click to sort the entire table by the chosen metric by default. The people who use the report can temporarily change the default metric used for sorting to complete their analysis.
  4. Click Apply to apply the changes.
  5. Click Save > Save changes to current report to save the changes to the report.

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