[GA4] Create a summary card

You can create a summary card that displays data from a detail report and that can be used in one or more overview reports.

What is a summary card?

A summary card is a visual element used to display information on an overview report. It typically includes one or more dimensions and metrics and a link in the bottom right that opens to a more detailed report.

An overview card with a filter applied

Before you begin

You must be an editor or administrator to create a summary card.


  1. When viewing a detail report, click Customize report in the top right. If you do not see the option, you don't have permission to create a summary card. You must be an administrator or editor to create a summary card.
  2. Under the 'SUMMARY CARDS' header, click + Create new card. If you see a 'CARDS' header on the right instead of a 'SUMMARY CARDS' header, you are looking at an overview report, not a detail report. Make sure you are viewing a detail report.

  3. In the Customize cards dialog, you can build the new summary card.
    • Under 'DIMENSIONS DROPDOWN', select dimensions to add to the dimension drop-down.
    • Under 'METRICS DROPDOWN', select metrics to add to the metric drop-down.
    • Under 'VISUALIZATION', choose a chart type.
    • Optional: Under 'CARD FILTER', click + Add filter to add a report filter to the card. The definition of the filter appears in the top right of the summary card.

      The following customization shows how to set up the summary card that appears at the beginning of this page:

  4. Click Apply to apply the changes.
  5. Click Save > Save changes to current report to save the changes to the report.

Next steps

Once you create the summary card, you can:

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