Extended Custom Variables

This feature is only available to Google Analytics Premium accounts. Learn more about Google Analytics Premium.

This information applies to the Classic Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) only. Find out if you’re using Classic or Universal Analytics or learn how to upgrade from Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics.

Custom variables aren't available for Universal Analytics. If you're using Universal Analytics, use custom dimensions instead. Learn more about custom dimensions or visit the Custom Dimensions & Metrics feature reference in our Developer Guides for more technical information.

Each property in a standard Google Analytics account can create up to five custom variables. Premium Accounts can extend the number of custom variables to a total of 50 per property. This allows any tracking requests over the 2K limit to be sent via HTTP POST instead of GET. When requests are sent via POST, the size of the POST request is limited to 8K.

Learn more about custom variables, or refer to our Developer Guides for more information on how to set up and use Custom Variables

The following limits apply to CVs:

Each property must be enabled for CVs

Extended custom variables are only available within Premium Google Analytics accounts. You must also make sure that the property you want to use for extended custom variables is also enabled for Premium. Contact your representative for more information, or learn more about Premium Analytics.

Viewing Custom variables in reports

To see data from extended custom variables, you must set up Custom Reports. You can also set up Segments and Secondary Dimensions in Standard Reports to see data from your custom variables.

Cookie data limitations

It's possible for the Google Analytics JavaScript library to use cookies as a part of the tracking methods, and the quantity of cookie data and/or storage for each cookie is limited. Read Google Analytics cookie usage on websites for details.

Performance considerations

Tracking a large number of custom variables could impact your site performance due to the extra data being transferred to Google Analytics with each page request. While this impact will likely be minor, sites with strict performance standards should be aware of this possibility.