[GA4] Google Analytics 4 Guided Tours

About guided tours

Guided tours introduce you to new features and walk you through new procedures in the Analytics interface.

  • Each step prompts you to click either an element in the Analytics interface or a Next button to continue.
  • If you click anywhere else on the screen, the tour may be interrupted.
  • You can drag steps out of the way when needed.
  • To start the tour again, return here and click the link.

  Example tour:

Video gif showing the Google Analytics 4 Demo Account Home page. Small blue boxes with text point to different parts of the page.


  Get insights on your website or app, at no cost

Getting started helps you discover how customers engage with your website using features such as the Google tag.


Tour your own account

Explore Analytics using any of the following guided tours. Each link will open a new tab with the Home page of the Google Analytics property you most recently viewed.  (If you most recently viewed a property for which you do not have editor permission, please switch to a Google Analytics 4 property for which you have appropriate permissions and try the link again.)

Take a tour of your Google Analytics 4 property

Create a suggested audience

Create a new audience from scratch

Link your Analytics property to your Google Ads account


Tour using the Demo Account

Explore Analytics using any of the following guided tours. These guided tours use the Analytics demo account(for the Google Merchandise Store), so you can take the tours without needing an existing account of your own. Before clicking the below links, follow the instructions to access the demo account.

Property Welcome Tour

Explorations Tour

Realtime Report Tour

Advertising Snapshot Tour

Comparisons Guide


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