[GA4] Latest releases report

The Latest releases report enables you to report on app adoption (e.g., how many users upgrade), engagement (e.g., what are people doing on the app), and stability (e.g., how often does the app crash).

The data in the report is refreshed in real time and indicates the status of your rollout as of a few minutes ago. Refresh the page to refresh the report and display more recent data.

 View the report

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. From the left menu, select Reports Reports.
  3. On the left, open the Firebase overview report.
  4. Select the app in the Latest app release overview card.
Note: If you can't find the report, it may have been removed or isn't in your default view. Editors (and above) can add it back to the left navigation. Learn how to add the report

App version adoption

The app version adoption chart graphs adoption of each version of your app for the time period selected. You can move the mouse over the charted area to get a percentage breakdown in version adoption at any point within the displayed time frame.

By default, the app version adoption card shows data for the last 30 days. You can adjust the date range using the drop down on the bottom left of the card.

Realtime card

After your app is released, use the real-time card to get immediate feedback on your launch. The card shows adoption and stability data within the last 30 minutes.

The version menu lets you filter data for each app version that has been active in the past 30 minutes.

Release versions

Below the App version adoption card is information about each version of the app that has been released:

  • Version number
  • A label that indicates the state of the rollout
  • Date of release, and number of days since launch
  • Adoption card
    • % active users
    • Engagement per session
  • Crash-free users card
    • Crash-free users (% of daily active users)
    • Crashes per 10k sessions

Note: Exceptions logged on Android using Firebase Crash Reporting’s report API are counted as crashes. Please update to Firebase Crashlytics to get improved accuracy in crash reporting.

Status labels

Each release is given one of the following status labels:

Status label Description
Successful The release is stable ( < 1% crashing sessions) and adoption is greater than 10% of daily active users (DAU)*
Needs investigation (yellow) 1% of sessions (100 crashes per 10k sessions) crashed today and yesterday
Needs investigation (red) 10% of sessions (1k crashes per 10k sessions) crashed today and yesterday
Previous release The release’s first day with 10% of daily active users (DAU)* was earlier than 15 days ago
Release in progress Percentage of daily active users (DAU)* has increased by more than 2% since the first day of release
Low adoption Percentage of daily active users (DAU)* has not increased by more than 2% and has never reached 10% since the first day of release

* This report calculates daily active users (DAU) for each app version for each day in the date range. Percentages are based on active users for all app versions.

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