Segmenting Conversion Path Data

Conversion Segments allow you to isolate and analyze specific sets of conversion paths in your Multi-Channel Funnel reports. For example, you might create a conversion segment that only includes funnels in which the first interaction was a conversion above a certain value. You can then browse your Multi-Channel Funnel reports, viewing data only for this conversion segment. Or you can compare this segment side by side with data from other segments.

Applying Conversion Segments

To apply a segment, click the Conversion Segments drop down menu at the top of any Multi-Channel Funnels report. Then select the segment(s) you want to apply to your data.

Once you apply a segment, it stays active as you move through your Multi-Channel Funnels reports. To see all conversion funnels again, select the "All Conversions" segment.

You should apply Conversion Segments, instead of filtered views, to look at subsets of your conversion funnels. Using a filtered view may cause your Multi-Channel Funnels reports to be inaccurate. Read Filters and Multi-Channel Funnels to learn more.

Creating Custom Conversion Segments

  1. In any Multi-Channel Funnels report, click Conversion Segments at the top of the report.
  2. Click the Create New Conversion Segment link.
  3. Use the Condition Builder to specify the conversion paths that should be included in the segment. For example, to define a segment that only includes conversion paths that begin with a referral from, you'd define the following condition:

    [Include] [First Interaction] from: [Source] [Containing]

  4. Provide a name for your segment and click Save Segment.
Once you have saved your segment, it appears under User-defined Segments in the Conversion Segments dropdown. To apply the segment, simply select it.

Editing or Deleting a Custom Conversion Segment

  1. In any Multi-Channel Funnels report, click Conversion Segments at the top of the report.
  2. Under User-defined Segments, find the segment you wish to edit and click its edit link.
  3. Edit and save the segment as desired. Or, click the Delete segment link.