About Analytics Alerts (Intelligence Events)

Use alerts to know when there’s a radical change in your traffic patterns.

Analytics monitors your website's traffic to detect significant statistical variations, and then automatically generates alerts, or Intelligence Events, when those variations occur. Taking a closer look at these anomalies can provide insights that you might have otherwise missed, for example, a spike in traffic from a particular city or referring site. You can view these alerts from the Intelligence Events menu under the Home tab. Alert reports are aggregated by day, week and month. The Overview report displays both automatic and custom alerts for a given date range.

There are two kinds of Intelligence alerts:

  • Automatic alerts are generated whenever Google Analytics detects a significant change in the traffic patterns on your site. Automatic alerts are created for all data in your account, so you can use this report to review past anomalies.
  • Custom alerts are triggered and generated when traffic reaches a specific threshold that you specify in your account. For example, you can set a custom alert to appear when traffic from Paris decreased by more than 20%. You can opt in to receive email or text message notifications when you create a custom alert, so you'll know when the event happens even if you're not checking your reports.

Both automatic and custom alerts appear in a widget in your default dashboard.

Watch the following short video (available in English) for an overview of Analytics Intelligence: