[UA] Filters and Multi-Channel Funnels

You should look at your Multi-Channel Funnels reports in an unfiltered view. If you use a filtered view that includes only a subset of your traffic, the filtered out sessions will render your conversion path data incomplete and inaccurate.

Instead of using a filtered view, use Conversion Segments, provided at the top left of Multi-Channel Funnels reports. If you must use a filtered view, keep the following points in mind.

  • Never use a view that filters sessions by campaign, keyword, source, medium, or content. Conversion paths are made up of interactions with these channels, so you should never filter based on them. Instead, use the Conversion Segments tool.
  • Never use a view with filters that apply to URLs or pageviews. Filtering out pageviews may result in some sessions not being tracked. In order to track a click, at least one of the session's pageviews must be visible to Analytics.

    Note that this warning only applies to inclusion/exclusion filters. Transform filters that do not remove pageviews or sessions, but simply reformat or change the way URLs appear in reports, should be safe.
  • Filters that filter out all the sessions from a specific set of users—for example, excluding all traffic from Paris, France—are least problematic. Typically, a user stays in a single geographic location, so in this case, you'd exclude all the sessions from that user. This kind of filter is the least likely to cause errors in your conversion path data. Note, however, that if someone in Paris visits your site and then visits your site again while traveling outside of Paris, you'd only have a partial conversion path for that person. For this reason, it's best not to filter at all.

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