AdWords Reports

AdWords Placements

Use this report to compare:

  • Automatic and managed placements on the Google Display Network

  • The domains on which your ads are placed

  • The specific URLs on which your ads are placed

If you find, for example, that your managed placements are not returning the level of traffic that you'd like to see from those ads, you can consider bidding more for your placements there. If you're bidding at your maximum but don't see the traffic that you want, you can review your ad design to see if you can make it more relevant to the venues in which you want to advertise, you can place your ads on different sites or try automatic placements.

If automatic placements aren't delivering the response that you want from your ads, you may need to switch to managed placements so that you can target specific sites whose traffic is more closely aligned with your business.

Use the Placement Domain view to see exactly how your ads are performing on the sites on which they're displayed. One approach you can take is to use automatic placement for some period of time to see which domains drive the best traffic, and then switch to managed placement so that you can focus on just those domains.

The Placement URL view lets you see how well your ads perform on specific URLs, for example, the top-level sports page within a news site. You can apply the same logic you use to evaluate placement domains to evaluating placement URLs: you may have specific URLs in mind that you'd like to target, or you can go with automatic placements for some testing period to see whether there are specific URLs that drive more traffic and conversions than the others.