[UA] Google Ads Final URLs

Understand the performance of your Google Ads landing page URLs.
To reflect recent changes to Google Ads, the Final URLs report has replaced the Destination URLs report.

This report lets you see the URLs to which you've directed users from your Google Ads ads, along with any campaign tagging in those URLs.

This functions as a landing-page report exclusively for Google Ads traffic, and given this information, you can see which of those pages is most effective in engaging your users and helping them make the conversions you want.

View the report by Ad Distribution Network to see which methods of distribution (e.g., Google Search or Content) are most effective. If you're running the same ads everywhere but one network is dramatically less successful, you can consider running different ads on that network, or take time to tune your ads for that particular venue.

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Visit the Google Ads Help Center to learn how to edit your display URLs and landing page URLs

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