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Measure the performance of your Google Ads keywords.
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This report makes it easier to understand the performance of each keyword and ad title in your Google Ads account.

If a keyword is drawing a lot of traffic but has a high bounce rate or low revenue, it might mean that the keyword is inconsistent with your content or products. For example, if you’re using the keyword elbow joint to drive traffic to a site that sells residential plumbing supplies, you might instead be drawing users who are looking for relief from tennis elbow. In this case, you could try a less ambiguous keyword, like copper elbow joint.

You can also look at the relative performance of closely related keywords. For example, waterfront cabins may be bringing in a lot of revenue or users, while waterfront cabin brings in significantly less.

If you see a keyword with a lot of revenue for the number of sessions, but the number of sessions is low, you may want to raise your bid for that keyword so that it generates more impressions of your ads.

To see activity by ad headline, switch the Primary Dimension to Ad Content.

To see where your ads appeared on the Google search results page, add Ad Slotas a Secondary Dimension.

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