Direct Traffic

The information in this report lets you see which of your URLs are the most popular destinations for direct traffic: which URLs people can easily remember (e.g.,, which addresses appear most often in auto-completion, or which of your pages are bookmarked the most.

Knowing which pages users go to directly gives you an opportunity to design those pages so they accurately and quickly address users' needs. For example, if you sell clothing and your new-arrivals page is a popular destination, you want to be sure the content is always fresh, and you want to provide easy access to the full department represented by each new item. Who wants to see the same items week after week on a page that is supposed to represent the cutting edge of your inventory? And if you're featuring a new raincoat or bathing suit, you want to let users also easily see your whole line of raincoats or bathing suits.

If users go directly to pages deep within your site, you want to include links back to your home page, and to the topmost page in that part of the hierarchy.

Use the Ecommerce tab to see the revenue and transactions associated with specific pages in your site. If a page has a low traffic but generates a lot of revenue, you can make that page more visible or more easily accessible. Conversely, you may find that a page you expect to generate a lot of revenue actually doesn't, despite being a popular destination. In this case, you have an opportunity to rethink the design or content of that page.