All Traffic

This report gives you traffic data by:

  • Source: The search engine or referring domain from which traffic to your site originated. For example, google (search engine) or (domain). Direct traffic that does not originate from search-engine results or a referring link in a domain is identified as (direct).

  • Medium: The type of web content that contained the link to your site. For example, when traffic originates from links in organic search results, then the medium is identified as organic; when the traffic originates from links in banner ads, then the medium is identified as banner. The medium for direct traffic for which there is no originating link is identified as (none).

Understanding the origins of traffic to your site helps you make decisions about where to focus your advertising and site-optimization efforts.

For example, if you're using AdWords but you see that the overwhelming majority of your traffic is still coming from organic search results or from a particular set of industry blogs, you might need to redesign your AdWords campaign to include a broader audience, work with a larger daily budget, or use a higher CPC bid.

If you are enjoying a high volume of traffic but it's primarily new users with a high bounce rate (e.g., first time users who view only one page), you might need to make sure your ads correctly reflect your site content or that the site content lives up to the promise of your ads.

Use the Ecommerce tab to see the revenue and transactions associated with your traffic sources. These metrics reveal situations like:

  • A lot of traffic but little revenue from a source (are you running the wrong ads, or not carrying products relevant to those users?)

  • A limited number of users from a source, but with a high number of transactions and a high average value per transaction (indicating a potentially lucrative market that you haven't fully addressed).

You can examine direct traffic more closely in the Direct Traffic report, which lets you see traffic by landing page on your site.

You can examine referral traffic more closely in the Referral Traffic report, which lets you see the domains from which traffic is referred to your site.