View your Google tag history

The Google tag "Change history" table lists changes that were made to your Google tag's settings, when those changes occurred, and who made those changes. All tag users can view the "Change history." Note that you can only view changes -- you can't undo them.

You'll see changes when a tag Administrator adds, edits, or deletes any of your Google tag's settings.

How to see your Google tag's history

  1. Access your Google tag screen.
  2. Click the tools and settings icon Tools icon, and under "Setup," click Google tag.
  3. At the top of the page, click the "History" tab.

What the "Change history" table shows

The "Change history" table lists the following columns:

  • Change ID: A numeric identifier for each change made to your Google tag's settings
  • Change: What type change (Add, Edit, or Delete) followed by the name of the setting that was changed. For example, "Edit: Cross-domain settings"
  • Published: The date of the activity
  • Published by: Which Google tag user performed the activity.
    • Note: If a user who made a change has subsequently been deleted from the system, the "Published by" column will be blank.

By default, the table shows the most recent changes first. Click a column header to change how the table is sorted. For example, click "Published by" once to show changes sorted by the Google account who made the change, and click it twice to show changes in reverse alphabetical order.

Note: If your Google tag is connected to multiple destinations, the change history will reflect all changes to the tag, regardless of which product the Google tag had been accessed from when the change was made.

Click a row in the “Change History” table to open the "Changes" page. The section on the right of this page shows you the most recent version and provides more details on what changed.

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