[GA4] Recommendations

Google Analytics surfaces tailored recommendations to help you get the most useful and accurate data and take advantage of new, relevant features as they become available. Google surfaces recommendations by looking at your property's history, your settings, and trends across Google Analytics.

Recommendations appear in the Recommendations section of the Home page and contextually throughout Google Analytics at the top and to the right of any relevant pages.

You might not see any recommendations if your property recently started running, but be sure to check back again soon. Google Analytics regularly discovers and launches new recommendations for you.

Types of recommendations

Google may show you one or more of the following recommendations to help you get more out of Google Analytics:

  • Create predictive audiences: Google recommends that you create a predictive audience (for example, users who are likely to churn) and then use the audience for remarketing or bidding in Google Ads campaigns or ad groups.
  • Grow your business with a Google Ads credit: Google provides new Google Ads users with a one-time Google Ads credit to help you reach more potential customers using your Google Analytics data.
  • Create conversions in Google Ads: If you've linked a Google Ads account, you may see a recommendation to import your web and app key events from Google Analytics 4 into Google Ads. By importing key events into Google Ads, you can access Google Analytics data in Google Ads and better optimize bids for improved performance.
  • Install the Google Analytics mobile app: Google recommends that you install the Google Analytics mobile app so you can stay connected to your business while on-the-go. The mobile app helps you monitor your business in real-time, build your own reports, and take actions to improve your account. The recommendation includes a QR code so you can easily find the mobile app in the Apple App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  • Link your Display & Video 360 (DV360) advertiser: When we identify an unlinked DV360 advertiser, you may see this recommendation to encourage you to link your DV360 advertiser to Google Analytics. By linking the DV360 advertiser, you can export Analytics audiences and conversions to DV360, and see campaign cost data and user engagement data in Analytics for better campaign measurement.
  • Link your Google Ads account: When Google identifies an unlinked Google Ads account, you may see this recommendation to encourage you to link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics. By linking your Google Ads account, you can see your Google Ads campaigns, access new Google Ads dimensions, import Analytics key events into Google Ads, and enhance your Google Ads remarketing.
  • Link your Play Console account: When we've identified an unlinked Google Play app associated with your Google Analytics property, you may see a recommendation to link your Play Console account to Google Analytics. By linking your Play Console account, you get access to in-app purchase and subscription metrics in your Google Analytics 4 reports.
  • Link your Search Console account: When Google identifies an unlinked Search Console account, you may see a recommendation to link your Search Console account to Google Analytics. By linking your Search Console account, you get access to new Search Console dimensions and the Google Organic Search Queries and Google Organic Search Traffic reports, which enable you to analyze your search query and search traffic data.
  • Reconfigure consent mode: You may see this recommendation when you've implemented consent mode in gtag.js, Google Tag Manager, or the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK, but the Google tags or Consent management platform are likely blocking cookieless pings. This recommendation notifies you that by unblocking cookieless pings, most reporting surfaces in Google Analytics 4 will use behavioral modeling, when model quality permits, to fill in gaps using machine learning to model the behavior of users who decline analytics cookies based on the behavior of similar users who accept analytics cookies. Learn more about unblocking Google tags when using consent mode.
  • Sign up for a Merchant Center account: By creating a Merchant Center account, you can show products from your online store on Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, and other Google services.

Dismiss recommendations

Google Analytics removes a recommendation when you complete the recommended action. To dismiss a recommendation that you don't want to complete, select More > Dismiss on the top right of the recommendation.

Why is a recommendation no longer available?

A recommendation can come and go for many reasons. For example, you may no longer see a recommendation because it has already been applied, because the benefits of applying the recommendation are no longer significant, or because the recommendation has been dismissed. You can always explore other recommendations for your account.

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