Technical support and account access

Representatives can access your account only with permission.

About technical support access to your account

Google Analytics representatives sometimes need access to your account to provide service and resolution to technical issues. To make sure only representatives with explicit permission can gain access to your account, Google Analytics enforces the following policies:

  • All Analytics representatives receive appropriate training and must agree to internal access policy terms and conditions.
  • Representatives may only use Google-approved computers when accessing customer data. Data access requires appropriate authentication; all access is over SSL and logged for security review.
  • Technical Support access requires either written approval from you (as a response to an email support ticket) or by enabling the support access setting.
  • Analytics engineers can access data or an account to perform system critical operations.

Enable the support access setting

If you have access to any Premium Google Analytics account, this option is not available. Contact Premium Support for assistance.

Technical Support is available for Google Analytics account users that are also AdWords advertisers. Premium Google Analytics account holders should contact the Premium Support team for assistance. For help with a Standard account that isn't associated with AdWords, consult our self service resources for support.

  1. In your Analytics account, click the Settings link at the top right.
  2. Select the checkbox for Allow Google support to access my accounts when I report issues.
  3. Click Save User Settings.

Once you've enabled this option, Google Support has immediate access to your account. You can change this setting at anytime.

If you do not enable this option and you request support, Google might ask you to enable this setting or contact you via automated email, with the subject Important: Google Analytics account access request. Grant or deny access by replying to the email and using only either Approve or Reject in the message. If you change the email subject line or include any additional text in the message body, you reply won’t be received. If there is number included in the email subject line, don’t change or edit it. This number will be used to identify your request.